Career-related Learning & Guidance

The truth is young people live in a society in which creating sustainable career opportunities is complex. It is even more ominous regarding young girls in Rwanda, where gender influences various career-related attitudes, behaviours, and outcomes. This includes career choice, career experiences, occupational health, work attitudes, other parents’ and friends’ perceptions, and career outcomes. 

What’s despised and the most critical aspect of all our programs at SHE is girls’ unique gifts and talents. Under Career Related Learning and Career Guidance, SHE offers young girls the opportunity to discover who they are, connect to their values and purpose, envision what’s possible, and create a stable, fulfilling, and meaningful life. Participating girls receive personalised mentorship while implementing real, hands-on projects, becoming wise leaders, and sharing their gifts with their communities in an effective manner

Our intervention:

We facilitate and gently guide young girls as they begin their lifelong journey of recognising, cultivating, and manifesting their purpose for their benefit, their communities, and the world.