# Sponsor a scholarship:

The world of work is changing, and so is the set of skills necessary! Thus, SHE is leading the capacitation process to build the future of girls. Therefore, sponsoring a scholarship allows us to: 

  • Directly support young girls to continue their secondary school studies and, later on, be responsible citizens; 
  • Demonstrate a commitment to empowering young girls and ensuring their bright future;
  • Connect young girls to the world and learn from hands-on activities that bring them real experience.

Should you feel compelled to make a difference in young girls’ lives, kindly don’t hesitate.

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We use all our platforms to amplify our girls’ voices, our daily work, and how best you can be part of it all. On these same social media platforms, we get to expose the kind of gender inequality and how it best affects our society. Join all these conversations; remember to share and help us in the promotion process.